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          Keystone Environmental Education Institute



          Please call or email for available office hours.


          Teaching sound science in our natural world.

          Keystone College’s Environmental Education Institute (kceei) offers a variety of hands-on educational activities for those interested in exploring, protecting, and enjoying our natural world.


          kceei Founder, Professor Howard Jennings

          Environmental courses and workshops available at kceei.

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          Check this page frequently for new courses and programs!

          Man’s Relationship with Environment

          Man’s Relationship with Environment – kceei Summer Course for Educators

          Dates TBA. Examine the influence of science, economics, politics, culture and social interactions on food, endangered species, energy and natural resources. Learn how to solve challenges that threaten our natural resources and human justice.

          Fall Beekeeping

          Fall Beekeeping – kceei Workshop

          Dates TBA. Meet at the Keystone College Environmental Education Institute and join beekeeper Ellen McGlynn to learn the art and science of backyard beekeeping.


          Hiking and Nature Journaling

          Hiking and Nature Journaling – kceei Course

          Meet at at Eckel Family Pavilion and join hiking enthusiast 莎朗·伯克 for four guided hikes in NEPA and tune into your natural surroundings.

          Digging in the Dirt

          Garden-Based Learning – kceei Summer Course for Educators

          Explore the science behind growing healthy foods and learn how schools can build, use, fund and gain support for traditional and non-traditional schoolyard and community gardens as resources.

          Citizens's Science

          Citizen Science – kceei Summer Course for Educators

           Learn how various citizen science projects can be used in hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom. Teachers will explore how students can create their own projects and get others to engage through global learning.

          The purpose of conservation: The greatest good to the greatest number of people for the longest time.

          KCEEI is funded by Keystone College, and through generous private gifts and grants.  We wish to extend our gratitude to the  P&G Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation and The Overlook Estate Foundation for their ongoing support. Gifts to kceei go directly to fund our environmental education and stewardship programs.



          Learn more about our community resource and the Keystone College Environmental Education Institute where you can discover and explore nature in this video by FOX56.

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